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One Piece at a Time

Portland’s vibrant downtown gathering space since 1984

In the heart of downtown Portland, Pioneer Courthouse Square is the urban park at the center of events, community, and all things Portland. Every year, Pioneer Courthouse Square hosts more than 300 events that connect the city and its residents while functioning as the informal gathering space for long-time residents and guests alike. Whatever brings you to, or keeps you in Portland, you’re sure to find your bearings at Pioneer Courthouse Square.

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Buy a Brick

Perhaps nothing else embodies the spirit of Portland quite like the bricks at the center of Pioneer Courthouse Square. These iconic bricks symbolize the people and sense of community that make Portland such an extraordinary city, and you can be part of that legacy! By purchasing a custom-engraved brick, you can be part of the city's pulse at the Square, and beyond.


We welcome your visit!

Visiting Pioneer Courthouse Square is an unforgettable Portland experience. Whether you come to attend an event, shop, explore the bricks, or stop for lunch at one of the eclectic food carts, your Portland, Oregon visit starts at Pioneer Courthouse Square.