Signature Event Benefits

icon-handshakeDirect Interaction

Tens of thousands of potential customers and business prospects pass through the Square daily.

icon-eyeBrand Visibility

Your products and services will receive exposure through cohesively themed media and collateral campaigns.

icon-arrowsPromotional and Sampling Opportunities

Reach your targeted demographic with product placement and develop a variety of customized promotions.

icon-markerMarketing Your Location

Drive people into your store and increase your sales.

icon-groupCommunity Goodwill

Enhance your brand image through the charitable support of free community programming.


Attend private receptions and receive preferred benefit packages.

icon-bannerBanner Opportunities

Coveted on-site 12′ x 12′ banner positions available only through programming sponsorships.

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Pioneer Courthouse Square is the single most visited site in Oregon’s most visited city. With an estimated 26,000 visitors every day, the Square offers unparalleled advertising opportunities for businesses and organizations. Simply stated, Pioneer Courthouse Square serves as Portland’s largest “interactive billboard.” The Pioneer Courthouse Square marketing team offers a variety of customized opportunities for organizations who want to take advantage of the vast exposure the Square provides. We look forward to providing your organization with full service marketing throughout the city, region and often throughout the nation.