In partnership with Portland founded Walker Macy, Pioneer Courthouse Square is excited to announce the 2020 Festival of Flowers installation in Portland’s Living Room.  This year’s design, Galaxy Glow Garden, will create a temporary art exhibit in the heart of Downtown using nearly 18,000 live flowers, ornamental grasses, herbs and more. 

This year’s design will offer a garden, and grounds that reflect the nighttime skies and offers exploration, fun and reflection on our tiny place within the universe.  Masses of dark foliage in deep purple, burgundy, magenta and black will create a rich, vivid meadow by day and dark voids of deep color at night.  This remarkable design will be accented with distinct, bright white, yellow and electric blue flowers – making the concept come to life any time of day.

From May 20th – June 2nd, community members are invited to experience a truly unique live art installation in the heart of Downtown.  As is tradition, upon completion of the Festival of Flowers installation, all of the locally grown, high-quality plant materials used in the design will be offered for sale to the public below standard retail pricing from June 3rd – 5th

In our continued effort to expand community programming, we are offering the chance for community groups to perform in the Square throughout the festival! To apply to perform during this unique festival please fill out our online application.

The annual Festival of Flowers installation is a signature event produced by Pioneer Courthouse Square. To find out more information or to become a sponsor click here.