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This summer, Pioneer Courthouse Square hosted a total of 16 events with a focus on wellness and mindfulness! Throughout the 8-week Meditation Monday and the Wellness Wednesday series, hundreds of attendees were able to relax and recharge in Portland’s Living Room. Activities included everything from meditation, Zumba, and Tai Chi to Yoga, Silent Disco, and Acupuncture. Zumba instructor, Bruce Smith, put it best, “The Wellness Wednesday Series is a wonderful way to publicly promote good health. For me, there’s nothing like doing Zumba with an enthusiastic crowd of people in Portland’s Outdoor Living Room!”

Spending just one hour a week focusing on wellness and self-care has been proven to improve long term health and quality of life which is why Pioneer Courthouse Square is so proud to have been able to provide so many wellness-based events! Be sure to check out the 2019 Wellness Series Recap Video!


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